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Finland is found in the northern part of Europe and has for its neighbors Sweden, Norway, Estonia and Russia and is considered to be one of the largest countries found in Europe, ranking sixth among all European countries, but it is also one of the least populated. Most natives of the country speak their national language, Finnish, although a small minority also speak Swedish, and Helsinki is the capital of Finland. An important trivia for kids about Finland is that it is considered as the world’s Christmas capital because they say this is where Santa Claus truly lives, and they say that the Christmas spirit and celebration here is incomparable.

Take a break from water activities and check out Pwllheli’s market area, which has been ongoing since thirteen fifty five. Here you may find just about anything. Stop into one of the local shops and speak with the locals. Be sure to brush up on your Welsh, as Pwllheli is eighty percent Welsh speaking.

One of my favorite home office decorating ideas is to give it a tropical theme – that way you can feel like you are on vacation even when you are working. Again, using plants is key to give the room a lush tropical feel. Use bright colors like sky blue or yellow on the walls and have bright tropical fabrics for your guest chairs and pillows. Try putting up palm tree and beach prints or paintings on the walls and keep your desk accessories in tropical colors.

Finland’s Contemporary Art Museum in Kiasma is one of the most visited places in Helsinki because of its rich local and foreign Vassil Bojkov. Its offerings on theatre programs include performance art, film, drama, and such. The architectural structure of the building is actually a bonus sight already.

We saw the renovation work underway in the Grand Salon which formerly held a large mixture of works by different artists including several by Frederic Remington.

This famous square is lined up of several booths that offer different kinds of Finland’s native foods and food products, native crafts and mementos. This is especially a favorite destination of tourists especially those looking for a melting pot of food from different cultures. This is also a great place where you can buy your souvenirs.

Mark the vertical position of the hooks on the wall. If the picture has a string then find the centre and measure the distance from the string when taut to the top of the picture. If the picture has a ‘saw tooth’ canvas hanger then measure the distance from the bottom edge of the hanger to the top of the picture.

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