Nintendo Slashes 3Ds Price By Nearly One

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Take the arcade version of Marvel vs. Capcom for example. Typically, when the criteria has been met for unlocking a character, that character remains unlocked. It seems they were trying to emulate that sort of experience on the Nintendo 3DS, but managed to rub a few people the wrong way in the process.

Nintendo is going to win best in show for its E3 presentation. A powerful new console with a unique controller, backwards compatibility, HD graphics and stupefying AAA titles are going to acutate all of our saving habits from now til 2012. 3DS will continue its stalwart run with stronger software, new features and a digital store with fresh content. With the way things are looking, another impressive showing from the Kyoto based corporation is being foreshadowed. Tuesday cannot come any sooner and there won’t be enough towels to cover all the wet pants next week. Game on.

Those 830,000+ folks, and anyone else who buys before August 12, will get 20 free downloadable games from the Nintendo Κατασκευή ιστοσελίδας με WordPress. Users have to make a connection to the eStore before 11:59 p.m. EST on August 11, 2011, however. These users will also automatically be registered in the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador program. To be clear: you just need to connect.

Good news, everyone! Nintendo of America has been issued the trademark for The Last Story, which they filed for at the beginning of last year. Could this be what has taken so long, and led to their “no plans” comment?

Unlike most Mega Man titles, Legends carries the feel of an open-world game, and did so preceding the arrival of 2001’s Grand Theft Auto III for the PlayStation 2. Since then, the concept has exploded into what some might consider a new genre. It may not have offered the same full feeling of freedom as those games, but there is definitely no shortage of things to do, even if you’re not blasting robots. That would no doubt help its appeal to some in the modern video game world.

So, the choice is yours. Buy a 3DS later, and save the $80 (plus tax), or buy it now, with 10 games for free and 10 games no one else will be able to get unless they buy a 3DS before August 12. Which is more appealing to you?

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