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The equity in your home begins to noticeably appreciate once you have lived there for more than two years. In other words the difference between what you owe and what your home is worth is enough that you can tap into it through a manufactured home equity loan refinance.

Be patient. This credit rebuilding process can easily take two to three years, but you’ll reward yourself with a credit status much like the one you had back in the good old days.

The irony of being controlled by fear is that its basis is almost always created in the mind as we imagine the worst possible consequences of the decisions we make rather than the best possible results. Fear comes in all shapes and sizes: Fear of rejection. Fear of loss of a job or a promotion. Fear of failure. Fear of disapproval. Fear of change. Fear of making a decision. Fear of government harassment, lawsuits, or physical abuse. So, ultimately, while reasonable caution is a good thing, irrational fear of the un-knowable, un-seeable future is not. It’s an emotional choice that people make who don’t understand changing events, aren’t willing to find out more about them, and aren’t willing to confront them head on.

Shop around to get the best possible deal. Have each lender fully explain their loan products so that you understand what they are offering. Be specific with your questions and ask them to explain anything you don’t understand to your satisfaction. Ask about the length or term of the loan, closing costs, other fees, and the interest rate.

You can also try and open a small account at a rent to own center. These types of business’s will basically let you buy a product on credit and it is a great way to add a trade line to your credit report. Just do not borrow so much that it increase your debt to income ratio to much. If in doubt double check with your Mortgage Broker about how much you can safely pay every month.

If you have gotten yourself signed up with a service that sends faxes to your email, then you have just taken a small step towards living a paper free life. Not to mention the fact that you will also be able to tell everyone that you have become more energy conscious by not using a giant power zapping fax machine.

A pre-approval loan is a more in-depth process and entails a lot of paperwork. Your real estate agent can assist you with the preparation of these requirements. The lender will study and assess your financial status basing from documents such as your bank statements, tax records, and credit accounts, among others. This is more dependable compared to getting pre-qualified since being pre-approved means that a certain lender sees you as someone trustworthy to deal and transact with.

When you really begin to look at things, how valuable do you think $10,000 dollars would be if there were no stores to spend it at, no computers telling you it was still there and no phones or communication to call someone who cared about you or your $10.000. The reality is that when it comes down to it, in a truly terrible situation, one we all hope never arrives. All you may have is what’s in your home right now! None of us know how long we will need to make that last, a day, a month or a year. Food Insurance, is it really that important?

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