How To Start A Reiki Therapy Business – Legal Considerations

As a health professional and seasoned Reiki therapist, I am well aware that clinical studies show Reiki, an ancient energy balancing technique making its way to mainstream medicine, is an effective modality to help reduce pain, lift depression, enhance immunity and promote relaxation. Although it is a body, mind, and spirit modality, the spiritual aspects of Reiki are often overlooked and remain illusive in the outback of research. Truly, it is my favorite energy therapy because of its spiritual component. Just the words Reiki means universal life force energy or as some call it “energy from God.” Its sacred part, influenced by the Holy Spirit, is mysterious and cannot be explained by the logical mind.

After placing my hands in a pattern around Zita’s face, I moved on to the throat, then over the heart chakra. As I did the name “Mary” flashed into my mind. Not once but several times, each with increasing clarity. Suddenly all my senses quickened and went on alert.

I had acupressure sessions in south west london no choice but to take the road less traveled. I had come to what my intuitive healer calls the “Crossroads” of my healing. I had come to the end of what I would accept from standard medical procedures. After witnessing the death of several friends from cancer and I knew the scenario all too well. I chose quality of life over standard medical procedures.

Day 1: For the explanation that affected person would not come to the clinic, I decided to visit her home. It was clear from Ms.L’s posture that she was in the grip of acute depression. She was seated on a sofa along with her toes up on a footstool. Her body limp, her head bowed and her shoulders drooping. Her arms lay lifelessly at her sides. She seemed lost to the world and didn’t even look up when we entered the room. She merely lifted her eyes to look at us with out enthusiasm when she was talked to. An aura scan revealed that her root chakra and the naval chakra were utterly blocked and her solar plexus chakra was partially blocked.

Supposing you just had surgery and you are worried over getting back to work so you will not fall behind in your finances. This simple worry can cause you a great amount of stress that would delay your physical healing process from that surgery. This would be a good example of a time you could benefit a lot from Reiki. The relaxation you would have after one treatment would leave with good feelings about the timing of your surgery and your job.

After long and hard thought, I turned to alternative cancer therapy to find a new cancer cure. I read where the body has extremely wonderful recuperative abilities and the power to heal itself. This is where my cancer journey began.

I went to the University of Virginia for Chemotherapy and Radiation cancer treatment. I nearly died from treatments of this type as a cure for cancer. I lost 60 pounds, but the cancer was in remission.

So in summary, be prepared, be a good listener and if you don’t know what to say, you can always take the person’s information and get back to them when you do. The path to becoming a proficient spokesperson takes time, dedication and patience, just like the practice of your Reiki healing art.

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