How Fear And Anxiety Are Connected

When you’re starting to experience anxiety more often than the normal occasional occurrence most people have, then there might be something wrong with your system. You see, an anxiety disorder doesn’t just come out of the blue; it is caused by a lot of things, like genetics, various environmental factors, or even brain chemistry.

Your mind is at the heart of your anxiety and when you discover that, you find the key to effective depression treatment vancouver. It is the mental symptoms that will really help you get a diagnosis of anxiety, too, so it is important to recognize what they are.

The question is, “what do you want to do with it?” Do you want to continue to have panic disorder cycle or do you want to figure out how to stop it? For many people therapy is the answer but this may mean medication. There are other ways to stop the panic disorder cycle.

Ease your mind: Don’t wait for a flare-up to decide who’s going to take over your responsibilities while you recover. Enlist people’s help in advance and discuss your needs and expectations with them in detail. Make sure to record and post the names and numbers of your support network (dog walker, house cleaning service, baby sitter, administrative assistant, co-workers, etc.) in a readily accessible place. And don’t forget to relax your standards a bit. Healing is your priority, not making sure the house is spotless or emails are returned the same day.

There are many different symptoms of anxiety. However you will find that this goes much deeper than just having dry mouth, sweaty palms, and dizziness. There are other health problems that too much anxiety can cause. You will also find that having too much anxiety can cause a problem with your relationships and even your finances if it starts to affect your work.

Eric Erickson’s first stage of child development is trust versus mistrust. His theory states that between birth and 18 months a child either learns to trust their basic needs will be met or they will not be met. When a child learns to mistrust this means that some basic need whether it is food, shelter, safety, or emotional needs were not meant. As the child matures they learn to satisfy this need on their own. In other words they learn to control their environment to meet their needs. When they cannot control their environment then the anxiety begins. Over time this coping method expands to other areas of their lives. At some point this anxiety will become unmanageable. This is when treatment for anxiety begins.

Now, this may or may not also be associated with panic attacks. But anxiety can definitely lead to them. GAD also doesn’t have to be associated with any drug abuse or medication. Post Traumatic Stress is a case all its own and should not be compared with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Clinical Depression is strongly linked to GAD, so if you’re suffering from depression as well, make plans to get help for both of these conditions.

Panic attacks are born out of anxiety, and chances are there are some major things in your life causing the anxiety. Therapy is a way to identify these issues, and develop an action plan to deal with and reduce the stress. We have a habit of making things worse then they need to be, and sometimes cannot see that there is actually a way to deal with the stress, rather then suffer from it.

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