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As we enter into a new decade, we boomers are facing new roles. We have been pulled in all directions with a love life, babies and a career. We saw ourselves as liberated women, capable of having it all. Now we face our own retirement options. Will we travel? Will we downsize? Will we write that novel that has been burning in our brains? Chances are that in dreaming of our own retirement plans we have missed allowing ourselves to come face to face with the growing reality that we may need to care for our own aging parents.

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to call your county agent or the manager at your local nursery. These folks have probably been active gardeners for a while and they can provide you with information specific to your area. What’s more, they will be delighted to help. Vegetable gardeners love to talk shop!

This will remove the oils that appeared throughout the night, but leave the moisture applied by the previous washing. In addition, use water that is a mediocre temperature.

A. Side note on the video: If you don’t sound professional, please let someone else do the video for you, do not do voiceover work if you don’t know what that means. Want a good example? Go to www.youtube.com and type in home health care or elder care. Look at some of the WORST videos that have ever been put together on the subject. Get a good laugh. While you are there, note that there are some really well done videos. Take a lesson from those who have done a professional job.

1)Soup Kitchen- I would say this is the most popular. It is easy, it takes some time. If you do not mind spending your Christmas away from home then this is for you. It depends on what soup kitchen you go to, you may perform tasks such as serving food to clients, food prep work, or set-up/break-down. Places in Raleigh, NC that you can help. Shepherd’s Table Soup Kitchen, located on 121 Hillsbourgh Street, Raleigh, NC 27611, phone number is 919-831-2010. Another soup kitchen is Halleujah Soup Kitchen, located on 1904 South Wilmington Street, Raleigh, NC, phone number is 919- 899-6498.

You need LTC when you need help carrying out your activities of daily living (ADLs) for the foreseeable future. For seniors, this most likely means for the rest of their lives. Examples of ADLs are dressing, bathing, toileting, eating, transferring from bed to bathroom and continence.

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