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“Today’s vain glittering/lightning like situations and problems based on demonic illusory forces appear very fearful the world over. On seeing all this it appears that the sun has set and that the dark gloomy night has appeared in our midst. Yet this is not totally true. This is actually the time akin to eclipse, shadow of clouds which shall be destroyed by a terrific basis present in our midst in an active manner. After today’s terror like heartless acts of cruelty a Satyuga or Golden Era shall definitely manifest oozing with pure sacred sensitivity”.

This soft spoken gentleman was giving me all the reasons to be trusting when a city teaches you nothing but to doubt everything and everyone around you. Again and again, I was shamefully looking for loopholes, something where I can say “Aha, I told you so!” Again and again, his kind conduct and gentle manners seemed to tell me wisely, “You are looking in the wrong place.”. He told me to store his number on my phone and to call him whenever I needed an auto and asked me to give him a missed call so that he can store my number. I lied and said I didn’t have enough balance to make a call. I gave him the money, paid my respects and went my way.

The establishment of the cantonment reads like a fairy tale. It starts with the battle of Mahidpur in 1818 when the Marathas under Holkar fought the English under Sir Thomas Hislop. The British won the battle and Holkar had to cede some land to the English near his capital at Indore. The treaty of Mandsaur which Holkar signed gave the British the legitimate right to set up a cantonment. This they duly did at MHOW about 15 miles from Indore.

However what has pained the hearts of all Indians is, that General Deepak Kapoor a four star general and head of the Indian Army till he retired last year, is one of the beneficiaries of this scam. He has taken a flat in this building, knowing fully well that he was not entitled to it. In the bargain by this one single act he has demeaned the high status of the Chief of Indian Army. The Indian Army Result has had a distinguished record, as well as being one of the largest standing armies in the world. This army has won accolades in the battles on the Afghan frontier and the two world wars. After India gained independence the Army has waged successful wars for the liberation of Kashmir and Bangladesh.

Lansdowne is an old town established in the late 19th century by the British. This gives the town a small British town look with cottages made in the Colonial Era. Many such cottages have been turned to hotels and many hotels have modeled themselves on the style of those cottages giving a traditional look to the area. These hotels give a feel of being a part of the place itself and allow the guests to feel homely too. Two such Lansdowne hotels are listed below.

What really kills Pakistan is their lack of a true light machine gun in general service. Their paratroopers have the Minimi, but their line infantry make do with more medium machine guns. When a Pakistani platoon meets and Indian platoon, both sides will be well-served by their MAGs, and the Pakistanis by their excellent MG-3s. However, the Indian’s will also have their Negevs at the squad level, which means a lot more firepower and with greater mobility to boot.

In 2007, Shahrukh appeared as the host of the third season of the popular game showKaun Banega Crorepati which was a moderate success. His next attempt as a game show host for Kya Aap Panchvi Pass se Tez hain? was a failure. His success continues with his highly popular and successful films such as Chak De India, om Shanti Om, Rab Ne Bana di Jodi and My Name is Khan.

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