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When she’s not shooting behind the scenes for music videos, fashion spreads and clothing lines, Kimberly Kane explores her love of photography by turning her creative eye toward nature. While most of the world has made the transition to digital – to such an extent that mobile phones are taking over the image-making market – Kane, a traditionalist and confessed romanticist, remains loyal to film.

Converting 16mm Convert 8mm Film to Digital is a delicate and complex process. A “telecine” will move the film by each frame. A camcorder or video camera can view the frames and convert them into video streams that are refined with help of software to ensure better sound and video quality.

16mm films were introduced during the 1920s, and only intended to be used by amateurs. Nearly every family shot their precious events on them. So, if you’ve got 16mm films lying around your home, it’s time to do a 16mm film transfer to dvd and store them for posterity.

The trailer was put together well but the movie itself did not deliver what the trailer had seemingly promised. That, in itself, stinks. I was really not expecting anything because like the TV show I had thought it would be just random, weird and funny. I would see a Robot Chicken Movie if that ever occurred with the assumption it would just be like the TV show but longer—but still enjoyable.

The movie was originally released in 1965 and won 5 Oscars that year, including Best Picture. The film originated from the 1949 autobiography of the real Maria Von Trapp. The seven Von Trapp children were cast by Director Robert Wise as unknowns. The actors were: Charman Carr (Liesl), Nicholas Hammond (Frederick), Heather Menzies Urich (Louisa), Duane Chase (Kurt), Angela Cartwright Guillon (Brigita), Debbie Turner (Marta) and Kym Karath (Gretl).

These rules barely scratch the surface. Start by following them and when your footage looks more respectable, you’ll be ready to study the hundreds of other things you see the pros do in great movies and on TV that makes their footage dazzle.

People’s Choice Awards Red Carpet Oopsie (Dis)honorable Mention: Victoria Asher. I wavered on this one so many times that I lost count. Why? I loved her dress. The funky red rose print frock with black laces along each side of the bodice fit Cobra Starship’s Asher like a glove and was a smokin’ selection for the show. So why is she mentioned here? The eyeshadow. Call me picky or unartistic, but the bright red was simply too much. It reminded me of clown make-up. Yuck.

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