7 Ways To Insure The Safety Of Your Children

Would you get a Stun Gun that is red or blue? How about a pink cell phone stun gun. A Taser will have all those colours plus silver. The Lipstick Pepper Spray can come in all those colors. Finally a Personal Alarm that comes in silver, block, pink, inexperienced, pink, blue and white. Perhaps you’d need one that has additional than one color. Stunning would you say?

Telephone communications are important to mom, whether it is calling out or receiving calls from family. There are inexpensive phone systems available that have multiple cordless hand sets. If you have enough of these in the rooms that she lives in including the bathroom then the phone will be no more then a few steps away when it rings.

The second day got started off pretty well but one of the other riders had a hemorrhoid problem so he was in quite a but discomfort riding. I on the other note was seeing some left knee pain when starting on some of the hills.

Every room that has two entrances should have a three way light switch installed at each entrance. You could try motion sensor lighting but it has been my experience that a person is halfway into the room before the light comes on.

When purchasing personal alarm for children s look for one that is higher in decibels, I recommend the 130 db alarm; it’s one of the highest levels on the market and will protrude an alarming sound. The keychain personal alarm which looks like a small blue mouse is an excellent choice in personal alarms. One of the loudest out there today! You want to make sure that the alarm you purchase is also sturdy and can take a fall should you drop it.

First of all, know where your children are at all times. Be sure they understand the importance of letting you know where they are going, when they will be back and who they will be with. If possible, have them leave you a phone number where they will be. Relay to them that you are not just being a control freak, but rather it is their safety you have in mind.

If you are in the market for a self defense product look for quality, effectiveness, and a biggie-LEGALITY. Stun guns are not legal in some states. Check with your local police department first before you get one.

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